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Optimisation of combustion processes USING A Chimney Draught Regulator


Technological progress in Europe and all over the world has not yet solved the problem of energy generation and its negative impact on our natural environment. It is happening because, both now and in the foreseeable future, the main method of generating energy (and in particular, heat) is by burning renewable and fossil fuels. Despite the advanced technologies used in manufacture of stoves, ovens, fireplaces, hot-water boilers or industrial furnaces, the combustion process remains the same irrespective of the manufacturer or the level of technological advancement in their country. Moreover generating energy produces flue gasses which pollute the environment and are the source of the carbon footprint. At each world ecological conference a major topic is flue gasses pollution, and billions of pounds is spent each year on preventing or lowering emissions: this alone proves there is a huge global problem.


If we want heating appliances to use fuel efficiently with minimumal environment pollution – we must comply with these requirements;

  1. Use suitable and good quality fuel (fossil or regrowable like biomass)
  2. Install an efficient appliance (the energy generating system, in particular heating equipment)
  3. Provide an adequate volume of air used for combustion and for chimney pull (its draught)




































Although we have been able to use proper fuel and as efficient installation as possible, until recently we have had little choice in so far as the volume of air supply, the main factor for the combustion process, was concerned

The above list of factors shows explicitly the final effect of the system; its efficiency, the consumption of fuel and pollution discharge depends on Mother Nature, or more specifically, the prevailing atmospheric conditions that are o course impossible to control. We know perfectly well how changeable weather conditions are, and it is in particular the wind that has the greatest impact on chimney draught.

Heating equipment for normal and safe operation requires a strictly defined amount of air for the combustion process and the chimney draught provided by the chimney or fan. The proper chimney draught depends on the installed appliance and must always be exactly determined. Therefore any deviation from this determined value results in the appliance working inefficiently so the expected efficiency stated by a manufacturer cannot be reached by the user. Manufacturers of heating systems give an equipment specification, e.g. boiler efficiency, but they seldom point out that such parameters can be reached only in laboratory conditions with optimal chimney draught.


Our next conclusion is that each system generating heat from a combusted fuel and chimney have to be considered as a whole. As such it should be adjusted individually according to the specific operating conditions at a site.



Chimney Draught Regulator solves the problem of providing optimal volume of air for normal combustion processes in heating systems.

Chimney Draught Regulator is made in Poland by its inventor PPHU POLMAR in Tykocin.

In UK and Northern Ireland it is distributed and serviced by ECO CHIMNEY, the sole distributor and Agent of PPHU POLMAR. ECO CHIMNEY uses CDR as an abbreviation for Chimney Draught Regulator.

CDR is an alternative system to expensive programs for reducing emissions: it uses renewable and traditional sources of energy. Its advantages have been noticed and appreciated by many competition committees, important organisations and authorities in Poland such as the National Energy Saving Agency, National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, Clean Air Foundation, Ministry of Environment Natural Resources and Forestry, and SILESIA Foundation. Since 1999 hundreds of CDRs have been installed in spas all over Poland after the manufacturer won a public tender in UE countries for supply of systems for reducing the emissions (the tender was financed from PHARE Environment Funds). Having started in Poland, over the past few years Polmar has expanded internationally: an expanding business and the success of the CDR have meant that Polmar has been able to launch branches in Hungary (, the Czech Republic ( and the USA ( as well as exporting to Lithuania and Russia. Natural progress has meant that we are now opening in Western Europe, starting in the United Kingdom where the changeable weather conditions and large interest in green energy make it the perfect location for the next step in Polmar's future.

CDR is a unique system because it has all the features of different systems offered by our competitors, it offers a number of additional benefits, and it is ECONOMICAL. CDR often pays for itself during one, single heating season, sometimes even during it.

The main benefits of Chimney Draught Regulator are:

  • It cuts your heating bills by up to 70% for wood fuel; and 20% for gas.
  • It reduces the harmful emissions. • It can be retro fitted into old and modern heating and ventilating systems.
  • It enables smooth adjustment of gas flow in chimney and ventilation ducts.
  • It prevents back drafts even at a wind striking angle of between -75º to + 75º and negative pressure in chimney and ventilation ducts.
  • It reduces the influence of external conditions on chimney draught (fume flow stabilisation irrespective of the wind speed and strike direction).
  • It can be easily fitted and adjusted.
  • There are no moving parts so it is safe and maintenance free.
  • It makes gas and diesel systems safer – no more explosive starts of gas burners or the extremely danger ous possibility of extinguishing pilot flames.
  • It reduces chimney erosion by significant elimination of refluxes.
  • RCDC can stay even if you upgrade your heating system. It requires only re-adjustment.
  • It is recognized by many experts on energy saving, heating and ventilation.
  • CDR can be used in boiler rooms of 15kW - 2MW.

12 years ago the CDR was only an idea – only after many modifications was it finally realised and started to be produced by POLMAR, a company with a 20-year tradition. Since then the core business of the company has been the optimisation of combustion, the discharge of exhaust gases and ventilation.

efficient and cost saving chimney solutionSUMMARY

CDR is not the ultimate solution, but it offers so many benefits and practical applications that it may solve the majority of the above problems. There are other clean technologies for generating green energy such as wind farms and sea power stations; however the costs and the limited scale of such applications permit us to think that for now and in the forseeable future, most energy will be generated by the use of combustion.

CDR is a well-tried possible solution for immediate and popular application in individual energy generating situations. Apart from the many benefits and the very good cost-effects ratio confirmed by researchers and practical applications, it can be considered one of the solutions being used today to save energy and reduce the carbon footprint that is one cause of global warming.

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